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Plus -- you'll have my personal cell phone number for you to text message anytime you need urgent assistance with your business matters.

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Not in a million years.

I insist on working with people who made it their life's mission to escape poverty, succeed financially and help their team mates duplicate their success.

If that's you, I am excited to link arms with you in the long term and help explode your business and launch your income into the stratosphere just like I've helped hundreds of once-rookies-now-superstars entrepreneurs who reached out for help.

I joined the VIP club a little over 2 months ago. Trust me, this is the longest subscription I've ever had! Well, except my travel card sub... Anyway, I have had an amazing 2 weeks. I made 30 sales and for one of the products I sold I got a 200% commission raise! For the first time ever, I was mentioned on the leaderboards. One of the coolest things - when I mentioned I was getting my traffic from Igor, I was put on instant payments. I love getting sale notifications. Igor and Dennis, this is going to be a long lasting relationship! Thank you so much!

Nancy Schuppert VIP Club -- Affiliate Marketer

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TOM GALYEN iPRO Marketing System

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